• Alcoholism is an illness and a disease which results in the uncontrolled drinking of alcoholic beverages.

  • An Alcoholic is a person who cannot control his drinking, resulting in serious problems which affect his family, his job and himself.

  • Alcoholism is one of our nation's major health problems, one of the most costly, and one of the three leading causes of death. Of those who drink, a minimum of one out of ten will become an alcoholic.

  • Alcoholism is a disease that affects the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It is a chronic, progressive and fatal disease.

  • The symptoms are many. They are characterized by denial, increased tolerance, physical and psychological dependence and severe physical damage to the central nervous system and major internal organs.

  • In the final stages, the alcoholic lives to drink. He is lonely, depressed, suffers from tremors, malnutrition, weakness, and hallucinations.
But there is help. The help is abstinence. MiddleHouse provides a living environment where a person who wants to get sober and remain sober can come and live and find that sobriety.

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